Road Map to Forgiveness Course

Road Map to Forgiveness Course

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A Virtual 6-Module Video Course That Will Transform Your Life.

Learn How To Forgive, Heal, Grow, and Build Your Best Life

Imagine being able to finally cast off those old problems that plague you every single day in conscious and unconscious ways.

Imagine being stronger, more energetic, and more young-feeling due to your past experiences instead of being haunted by them.

Imagine being a force of nature when it comes to your business as you buckle down, get to work, and ascend to that “next level” in your career that has been elusive for far too many years.

It starts with forgiveness.

But it ends in holistic, unwavering empowerment.

The type that no man, no emotion, no other force on earth can scratch.

Course 1: Detach & Declutter.

From your inbox to your daily habits, if you’re like most people, your life has become overrun with the effects of your past. Let’s clean house and curate a solid foundation.

Course 2: Identifying Where You Got Stuck And Break Through.

I’ll help you deep-dive through old pain and show you how I’ve taught women to neutralize it. From childhood trauma to a bad breakup, your past doesn’t have to define you. But it can still make you stronger.

Course 3: Creating a Manifesto: Identify Who You REALLY Are and Where You Are Heading.

In this course, we’ll take inventory of what you have accomplished in life and set a course for where you want to go from here. You’ll convert from living passively to living ACTIVELY with total control over yourself.

Course 4: Break Up with Perfectionism.

Perfectionism is an illusion and a distraction. Nobody is perfect and you’ll keep yourself from moving forward if you try to be. Here, you’ll learn how to relinquish the anxiety that comes from falling short of being Ms. Perfect while simultaneously giving you the motivation and discipline to move firmly toward your goals.

Course 5: Do it Scared.

Fear isn’t real… but it sure feels like it!

Fear stops us from “putting ourselves out there” whether that’s pursuing a man or going Live on Facebook to promote your business. We’ll annihilate the fear with powerful mental tricks that will help you harness your emotions every single day for the rest of your life.

Soon you’ll apply for that dream job. Demand that promotion. Increase your fees with confidence. Address (and fix!) the problems head-on.

It’s time to JUMP.

Course 6: Rinse and Repeat.

Consistency is key. Your brain is a muscle, and the habits you engage in daily depend on its muscle memory.

Here, you’ll train your mind to do the hard, ambitious things effortlessly – to find comfort in doing the uncomfortable things.


*  10 hours on-demand video

*  Morning/Evening Routine Guide

*  Identify and Manage Emotional Triggers eBook

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