The FORGIVEference Virtual Experience

The FORGIVEference Virtual Experience

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What Were You Taught About Forgiveness As A Child?

How Has Unhealed Emotional Wounds Impacted Your Family, Children, Co-Workers, Bosses, Clients, and Your Confidence?

If You Are Ready to Heal Emotional Scars Affecting Your Relationships, Connections, Condidence, Business, Sales, Productivity, and Trust...

This Event Is For YOU!

The LIVE Virtual Forgiveference Experience 

Freedom. Wealth And Healing

Starts With YOU!


Tuesday, September 27,  2022

6pm-9pm EST

Virtually (Replay Available)


Thursday, September 29, 2022

10am-1pm EST

Virtually (Replay Available

Imagine your 24 years old and it’s a typical Monday morning.

You answer a call from your mother and she begins to say, “The guy you thought was your dad really isn’t your dad. It’s someone else.”

Well..I received that phone call...
And although you may not share that exact same experience millions are struggling with carrying unhealed family secrets and emotional wounds from childhood.
As a child what were you taught about forgiveness?
Most of us heard, "Say, I'm sorry. Forgive and make up."
Or "Leave each other alone and go play with something or someone else."
You were rarely taught how to process the pain or even set boundaries when the offenses were consistent.
And most people don't realize the lasting effects unforgiveness has on them in business, at work, in relationships and their self-confidence.
Ignoring something or someone doesn't equal forgiveness and when you have to work with someone or live with someone this isn't sustainable. 
Smiling through the pain doesn't equal healing or forgiveness and when you spend your life hiding your emotions it teaches you not to trust yourself.
Forgiveness is a process and a journey there is layers to your emotional wounds so it's not always a "one and done" approach.
Forgiveness is felt at the heart level it's so much more than's a healing process. 
Forgiveness and Unforgiveness impacts the way decisions are made and guides and/or destroys relationships.

Forgiveness is like an onion and depending on how deep the wound there may be generational layers of healing needed.

How Unforgiveness Impacts Daily Productivity At Work/In Business/In Relationships 

*  Spreading gossip or rumors with no solution or accountability for their actions.

*  Addicted to the cycle of giving up your on goals and interests to please others.

*  Not able to say "NO" and set boundaries without feeling guilty then resenting the person who asked for help.

*  Continuously discussing changes, situations and people who hurt or "betrayed" them in the past.

*  Feeling unappreciated or undervalued and not speaking up.

*  Being guilted into letting people borrow money...knowing they won't pay it back.

*  Weighed down from carrying emotional baggage and pain of others (including family and co-workers).

*  Allowing others to blame you for the problems they refuse to take accountability for.

*  Not setting boundaries on time management and accessibility.

*   Not Keeping Promises to Yourself and Not Giving Yourself Grace.

*   Negative Self-Talk.


The Forgiveference Experience Event Will Gift You Resources, Clarity & Action Steps:

*Framework for Emotional Healing to Strengthen Leadership, Confidence and Connections with Yourself and Others.
* Build Inner Confidence To Ask For Exactly What You Want.
Learn the 3 A's and 3 C's Method To Help You Increase Sales, Set Boundaries, Build Trust, And Connect Faster With People.
Learn What To Do Before and After You Forgive Anyone...
Spoiler Alert..Your Deepest Struggles In EVERY AREA (Including Money) Stem From Unforgiveness And You Deserve To Heal and Grow.
* Discover What's REALLY Holding You Back...Psst...It's Probably Not What You Think It Is.
*Gain Clarity, Learn How to Shift Your Daily Habits and Create Action Steps Forward During the Event.

LIVE Virtual Forgiveference Experience Includes:

Tuesday, September 27,  2022

6pm-9pm EST

Virtually (Replay Available)


Thursday, September 29, 2022

10am-1pm EST

Virtually (Replay Available

* Experience Tuniscia O's Clarity & Breakthrough Intensive Virtually

* 30 Day Access to Replay

* Breakthrough Action Plan Workbook

* And So Much More...YOU WANT TO BE IN THE ROOM.



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