Forgiving the Men Who Hurt You 4-Part Master Class Video Series

Forgiving the Men Who Hurt You 4-Part Master Class Video Series

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Have your deepest wounds come from men who were supposed to PROTECT you? ADVOCATE for you? Or LOVE you?
If you answered, YES... to any of those questions and are ready to reclaim your power...
The "Forgiving The Men Who Hurt You" Master Class Series is for YOU.
It's time for you to stop blaming yourself for the pain you feel in relationships. 
It's time for you to stop carrying the feelings of not being worthy or lovable. 
It's time for you to take your CONTROL back to write your story.
Grab this Master Class Series to HEAL the LITTLE GIRL and UNLEASH THE FIERCE WOMAN INSIDE!

You Will Learn:

*How to validate your emotions even if no one understands or acknowledges your pain.

*How to forgive even if no one ever apologizes.
*Take steps to identify and correct sabotaging habits and patterns.
 And so much more...
Forgiving The Men Who Hurt You is a 4-Part Video Master Class Series:
*Forgiving Your Father 
*Forgiving Your Ex 
*Forgiving Your Spouse 
*Forgiving Your Male Boss 
It's time to take the steps to release the pain of the past and take your power back.

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