About Me

Tuniscia O, CEO and Founder 

Imagine being 24 years old and receiving a telephone call from your mother saying, "You know the guy you thought was your father, we he isn't your dad."
And then you are left with all of the questions, pain, resentment, bitterness and thoughts of betrayal.
Well that was my story...
For years, forgiveness and healing was what my family needed, and I didn't realize it.

The deep divides in my own household kept me depressed, unfulfilled and for far too long I never realized forgiveness was the answer.

After going into the darkest places of my soul and getting super honest with myself I realized I didn't cause the pain but I was responsible for the self-inflicted suffering.

I decided to become intentional about forgiveness, healing and growth in my own life and after seeing the results in my life and family, I started helping others adopt the same mindset by using my proven strategies.

And the response has been amazing: I’ve traveled to 4 continents and spoken.

Given speeches at sold-out conferences in front of thousands about how to forgive and rebuild. 

I’ve authored one book on forgiveness and how to apply forgiveness in blended family dynamic. 

Coached and mentored more than 250 women and their families in the past 4 years, helping them navigate their unique problems and make the life changes they desire to achieve the inner peace and connections they crave.  

Though there is no one singular, blanket answer for “how do I fix my family?”, I can help you and your loved ones get better at communicating, coping, and caring. 

You’re looking for your “new normal.” A household where the themes are love, honesty, care and respect between everyone.

Reach out to me to get started TODAY!