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Forgive Yourself In Business!

Do office conflicts, procrastination and lingering insecurities weigh heavily on your mind, impacting the efficiency and harmony of your business operations? Are you silently grappling with the repercussions of unresolved issues, feeling the strain on productivity and morale? 

You hold the power to transform your business culture and pave the way for growth and success.  That's why forgiveness expert Tuniscia Okeke has created the "21-Day Forgiveness in Business Journal." This isn't just another journal—it's a guide to reclaiming harmony in the workplace and unlocking the full potential of your business.

Within its pages, Tuniscia clarifies why forgiveness, accountability, and growth are not just buzzwords, but essential components for building a thriving business culture. She invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowering you to foster a harmonious workplace environment and unleash the potential for business growth.

Through insightful prompts and actionable exercises, this 21-day journal will inspire you to embrace forgiveness, take proactive steps to resolve conflicts, and cultivate a culture of accountability and growth within your business.

If you're ready to break free from the chains of workplace conflicts and unlock the true potential of your business, take the first step and invest in the "Forgiveness in Business" journal today. 

In these pages, you'll discover:

  • Strategies to promote forgiveness and healing in the workplace.
  • Exercises to encourage accountability and personal growth.
  • Tools to navigate and resolve conflicts within the business.
  • Insights on how fostering a culture of forgiveness can lead to business success.

Buy Today! Your journey towards a harmonious and prosperous business starts here.

Physical Copy

224 Pages



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5.5 x 0.51 x 8.5



Publication Date

October 19, 2023


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