Forgiving People Who Reject You Journal

Forgiving People Who Reject You Journal

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Discover How to Create Deeper Connections!

Do you isolate yourself due to feelings of unworthiness and abandonment? Do you feel disconnected and unappreciated by others? Are you anxious when faced with social situations?In "Forgiving People Who Reject You," writer and forgiveness coach Tuniscia Okeke clarifies why feelings of rejection and self-doubt have held you captive for so long.

Tuniscia invites you on a transformative journey of self-compassion to regain your self-worth and discover your inner strength. This 21-day journal will inspire you to release the burden of past rejections and take action to forgive yourself and heal.

In these pages, you'll discover:

  • Strategies to overcome feelings of abandonment.
  • How to rebuild self-esteem and self-love.
  • The path to embracing your worthiness.
  • Confidently face your biggest critic. 

Buy Today! If you are ready to reclaim self-worth and live fulfilled, this book is for you.

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